How does the Booster Club raise funds?

The Booster club is now a 501(c)3 organization which can except donations and corporate grants. Donations may be deductible if the donator itemized on their tax returns.

For many years the Booster Club has produced a Fall Sports Program which features each of the fall sports teams. The Club raises funds through local community business &/or parents advertising in the program. Winter and Spring programs are available to showcase all of our athletes.


Shopping Programs:

Beginning in August, parents can sign up for grocery programs.

  • Fry’s: Enroll your Fry’s VIP Card use Booster Club Organizational number is #80085
  • Safeway: Enroll your Safeway Club Card at use Booster Club Group ID#500043098
  • Albertson’s: Pick up your Albertson’s key chain scan at the Ironwood front office. Scan it each time you shop.
  • Doozy of a Deal: Any purchases from Doozy of a Deal choose Ironwood Booster Club to receive a portion of the profits
  • AmazonSmile: 0.5% of any purchases from Amazon will go to the Booster Club when you choose Ironwood Booster Club as your charity